138. Attitude of Graditude

In the United States, we are recognizing those who gave their service and those who sacrificed their lives to fight for freedom in our country.  What a good time to celebrate and check in on gratitude. And with everything going on around us, we should take each day to express gratitude for all that we have. I've seen many posts lately that inspire gratitude in our lives and it is helpful to increase the vibration and it can impact more than you know.

Today I want to welcome you into a great conversation with Jennifer Marcaccini. She has invested her career in human potential. She has been teaching yoga classes, conducting workshops, and leading retreats internationally since 2009. Jennifer worked for over a decade as a consultant and coach to Fortune 500 companies, helping them improve their employee and customer engagement to operate more productively and consciously within the ever-changing business climate. Through this work she focused on gratitude and positive psychology. Outside of her career, she's a devoted teacher, wife, and mother.

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