Achievement and Fulfillment

Are you a high performer who continues to set goals, and accomplish them?

Are you truly fulfilled by extrinsic factors, such as money, cars, nice house, expensive clothes?

Which moments in life are you the most proud?

We are driven by a society of extrinsic achievement based on materialistic reflections of so-called "success," including an impressive title, designer suits, and high salaries. Although, in many cases, achieving these goals leaves us unfulfilled inside. This realization may occur once a goal is achieved, reflecting and asking oneself, "Is this it?" Perhaps these goals lack true meaning and purpose. Many times when we experience moments of feeling proud, we notice that true fulfillment comes from intrinsic factors based on how we feel about ourselves. In other words, genuine, long-term fulfillment comes from inside ourselves, and not from external "glare factors." We are most engaged when we are fueled by intrinsic fulfillment. Enabling other people or things to define our own fulfillment is equivalent to giving away our power. Channel your achievement and drive and set goals defined by intrinsic motivations will lead us to live rich and fulfilling lives.

So the question remains, "Where is your fulfillment coming from"?

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