Are You Really Listening?

Where is your attention right now?

Are you answering emails, scrolling on your phone, or maybe driving all while listening to the podcast? Take a moment to think about what it feels like when you listen. Most often when we have conversations, we appreciate being listened to. Being heard and understood is important for us as humans. We value the connection with those around us and physiologically it affects the connection we have with them. Sometimes it's the appreciation of just taking a moment to listen fully to a friend or coworker who wants to talk through a problem or an issue they're having. Maybe it's spending time and listening to your children when they ask the same question for the hundredth time. What value can you bring to those around you when you truly take time to listen? I want to talk this week about the importance of presence and listening to the world around you. Let's talk about the effect it has on our life when we completely listen.

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