Be Present To Win

What is the most important gift you can give of yourself?

How often do you stop to consider if you are "present in the moment?"

If you are not present, how can you shift your focus to be present?

As life gets busier and busier, multi-tasking has become the norm. However, when we multi-task while having conversations with others, are we really giving the attention due to the other person? If we are not fully focused on the conversation at hand or the immediate needs of those around us, we can miss important opportunities. This could be a potential business opportunity, an important direction or simply conveying that someone is really important to you. However, if we are focused and present in every moment of our day, we are giving the best gift we can give -- our time. This week we invite you to consciously be present at work, at home, in meetings -- even at the grocery store. You will find that giving your focused time will have many rewards.

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