Define and Align

How are you aligning in your career and life right now?

I’ve had some conversations this week with people who are questioning their roles and thinking about the alignment to their values. Because of job loss and furloughs, many people are looking back on their work to decide if this is what they want. So they are taking time to define and align. Are you getting the support you need from your manager? Does the company’s way of treating people to align with your view on humanity? Does your schedule allow you flexibility for your priorities like family? What aspects of your career can you reevaluate currently? If you have been complacent or feeling out of sync, now might be a good time to stop to define what’s important and have a conversation with your manager or if unemployed, seek what fills your soul. And if you are aligned and in sync, celebrate!  Let’s talk this week on Get Your Mind On to check in on your alignment.

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