Do You Have a Best Friend at Work?

How would you describe the connections you have with those around you at work? Do you have someone at work that you would consider to be your best friend? We spend so much of our time at work, so why shouldn’t we focus on building connections with others and have people we can trust?

This can be somewhat of a controversial topic since it is sometimes hard to take time in the workplace for relationship building. I like to counter that hesitation because in each workplace it is beneficial to have people you can rely on, people you’re comfortable around, and people you can just talk to when you need it. If you are a manager, how do you create this environment?

In this podcast, I discuss the importance of building connections with those around you and making “best friends” to increase your overall success in the workplace. I share some ideas on how to create the environment of belonging and inclusiveness. Dive in this week and see what you can do to increase your engagement and others’ engagement as well.

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