Engaged In The Fit

In visiting with many of my clients these past few weeks, engagement and disengagement keeps coming up. Is it realistic to find the right fit for me to be engaged in my work or is that unrealistic? I always ask people if they are not engaged to do they know why? Do you look forward to getting to work every day and working with the people around you? Do you love your manager and your company? 

We currently live in a very busy society that keeps moving forward and when we aren’t feeling fully engaged, we need to take time to slow down and analyze our situation. In this week’s episode, I want you to stop and understand your fit. Are you connected to the four fit factors? Is it time for you to make a major change? Or what can you do to be in tune to make small incremental changes that make a huge difference in your day? Let’s continue to make these changes that allow you to fit better into your life.

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