It is not Failure, It's Feedback

Feedback offers us the opportunity to improve.

As managers and leaders, we must initiate feedback. And all of us must be open to receiving feedback. While positive feedback should be given as often as possible, there are times when we need to be open to feedback that we don't always like to hear. In these instances, we all need to remember that what we are providing is feedback, not the implication of failure, but suggestions for success. But how do we do this?

When we initiate feedback, it is important to remember that those who are receiving this feedback may feel as if you are pointing out failure. Thus, feedback must be given in a manner that will be supportive and encouraging. When we receive feedback, we must make ourselves emotionally ready for that input -- good or bad. We need to honestly evaluate and utilize this input and determine our action plan for success.

This week we review how to provide and receive instantaneous feedback, and how it can be a useful tool that will create powerful results.

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