Launching get your mind on...Your People!

This is an exciting week for us. It is the launch of Lori’s first book, Get Your Mind On…Your People: Becoming the Organization Everyone Wants to Work For

Are you good at setting business strategy but continually struggle to get consistent results?

Do you get frustrated by all of the “people stuff” in your organization?

How do you know the best time to add new employees to your team?

Whether you are leading an organization or managing people day-to-day, this book will help guide you on a path of long-term, consistent organizational success and most importantly, success for your people and their lives. Learn how to increase human capital consciousness while building a profitable organization full of talent and engaged employees! In this GET YOUR MIND ON, Lori shares with you her mission behind the book and key highlights for you to learn more about. To order the book go to loristohs.com/book or it will be available on amazon.com October 25th.

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