Living GYMO: Individual Insights - Authenticity

What does success mean to you?

What is authenticity?

How do you work with someone whose not being authentic?

We welcome you to our first episode of Living Get Your Mind On (GYMO). Living GYMO allows you to experience listening to an individual who lives the concepts that we have been discussing in our blogisodes. It will share individual insights in a way you may personally relate to. In this blogisode, Robert Lockwood talks about authenticity. Authenticity requires bravery to speak the truth when a situation is not congruent with personal values. Are you one to going along with the crowd because of peer pressure, or do you stand by your convictions, remaining true to who you are? Are you the same person regardless of the audience, or are you one to contort your behavior to "act" a certain way? Integrating and living the various topics contained within GYMO enables people to live more authentic and heart-centered lives.

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