Love in Business

What do you think when you hear the words "love in business"?

How are you creating emotional attachment for your customers?

How are you creating emotional attachment as a leader within your organization?

What is at the HEART of every successful brand?...LOVE and an emotional connection.

Key components of business and personal relationships are the same:
~ loyalty
~ unconditional love
~ respect

Having leaders establish a tonality of love throughout the culture will increase the engagement of the employees and customers. The interactions that employees have with customers greatly influences the company's brand in the marketplace. Building a culture of "loving to serve the customers" is key to driving sustainable growth and profits. Customers that are emotionally connected to a brand are willing to pay more, cost less to service, are advocates of the brand, and are more forgiving when a problem arises. Generally speaking, engaged (emotionally connected) customers are your most profitable customers.

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