Maintaining Relevance

With our world changing so quickly what are you doing to stay relevant? What worked yesterday won’t necessarily work tomorrow. Whether you are in the stages of transition of your career to your next stage of life or just new in your career, it’s important to continue on your path of growth and relevance.  You may be a young company or an established company needing to advance with the marketplace.

On a daily basis, we all subtly wonder how we are relevant to the people around us, whether it’s our coworkers, or boss, friends, or a significant other. It is very important for companies and individuals to understand what they best bring to the table and how they can be a difference in their field. Are you complacent or would you rather work to be a leader through innovation and staying on the forefront of success?

If you’re doing what you’ve always done, you may get left behind. I invite you to dive into this week’s episode as I discuss what you can do to maintain your relevance as an individual or a company.

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