Out of the Office

When was the last time you put an out of the office on your email? With the changing nature of work these last few months, it has drastically changed everything from how many hours you work in a day, to not having the ability to take summer trips with your family. Even if you haven't taken a vacation, it's also difficult for many since working from home makes it harder to disconnect, you probably haven't taken a day off of work in a while. It's important for our mental wellbeing, overall productivity, and general success to take time off of work. As you listen to the podcast today, take a moment to analyze where you are with taking time away from work. Some of you may be in a really tough season of long hours and have to power through, but if you have the chance, see how you can take time off to renew and recharge. Let's dive in this week to the Get Your Mind On podcast.

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