Overcoming Your Distractions

Are you naturally in the zone and driven to where you're headed? Or do you get sidetracked by other daily obligations that derail you from responsibilities you may need to complete? 

Regardless of where we are in life, we each have unique distractions. A task that may come easy to one person may be difficult for another. As our lives are constantly changing these days, new distractions will begin to emerge. Some of you are probably still working from home when you did not expect that to be the case at the beginning of 2020. Since these occurrences can lower our energy and productivity, what can we do to limit and overcome them? The distractions we can control may need slight adjustments, and then those out of our control may take work on our end to manage them effectively. I want to take today's Get Your Mind On podcast to talk about overcoming your distractions and how we can be more successful even through them.

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