Performance and Attitude

How do you feel about managing people?

What is the best part for you and what is challenging?

Do you have some high performers that have poor attitudes?

Performance and Attitude go hand-in-hand. One is as important as the other. Too many top performers have attitude issues, as they rely solely on their performance to propel them forward. A poor attitude is a distraction to performance, and managers should be rating both Performance and Attitude to more clearly understand the "true performance" of an individual. One just is not enough. Performance is about the outcomes generated, and not so much about the steps to get there. However, a positive attitude portrayed throughout the steps has positive reverberations on the company's culture, customer relations, and brand image. Therefore, it's important to set expectations regarding the culture and the behaviors to sustain for long-term success.

In this Get Your Mind On, learn more about managing both, and if you are a performer, learn why its important to be both a great performer and have a great attitude!

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