Reintegrating Into Life with COVID-19

What will life be like as we begin to go back to work in a safe manner? 

It is no secret that COVID-19 has shook up our entire world and changed workplace behavior and expectations. Some of you are essential workers who have stayed in your office or place of work throughout this pandemic and helped keep operations running. Others of you are beginning to see what it looks like to open back up offices to work. We've probably become accustomed to working from home but many people are ready to shift back to the idea of a "normal life". What's the best solution to adapt back into life during the continuation of COVID-19? The fact of the matter remains that some employees are ready to be back working full steam while others may be hesitant to step back into a building with other people. Today I want to talk about how to communicate your level of comfort and aligning to your role and your responsibility at work. And how to make sure everyone feels comfortable and supported as we continue to navigate this world during a pandemic. Listen in on this week's Get Your Mind On podcast. 

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