The Gift of Feedback

When have you received feedback that really made a difference in who you are?

I’m sure all of us have had times where we didn’t want to hear feedback from someone, but it made a difference for us in the future. Maybe it was a time when you needed to hear that you interrupt your colleagues often at work, or maybe your partner doesn’t get enough words of affirmation from you. Maybe your kids will tell you that you spend too much time answering emails while you’re at home instead of playing with them. Whether we’re at work, with family members, or friends, we get feedback all the time that we can react negatively to, or that we can accept it and implement it. How can we best receive it? 

This week I sit down again with Bill Lewis to have a candid conversation on how we as people can best hear and accept feedback in our lives. Take a listen with me on this week’s Get Your Mind On podcast as we discuss the Gift of Feedback. 

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