The Impact of Engagement and Wellbeing

What effect does the wellbeing and engagement of your employees have on the success of your company?

How does engagement impact the wellbeing of your people?

In this pandemic we are living in, we are focused on how we can operate successfully as companies. Many people are asking if their company can stay afloat? Can you keep all of our staff? Can we keep our production open? How is work at home affecting our employee's engagement? Take a moment to put that aside and think about the wellbeing of your employees. 

This week, I have the privilege of speaking with Dan Witters, Principal and Research Director of Gallup National Health and Well-Being Index, about how we can focus our attention on the wellbeing of our coworkers and employees. Dan has had an extensive career working at Gallup. Join us for a great conversation regarding wellbeing and engagement. Take a listen to this week's Get Your Mind On. 

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