The Impact of Leading with Optimism

Are you a natural motivator?

Do you have an optimistic view or a pessimistic view?

If you are not naturally optimistic, how can you create a more positive outlook?

In a world where there is a constant barrage of negative news, even the most optimistic person can find themselves struggling to stay optimistic as they start to watch for the next bad thing to come around the corner. However, this in itself can manifest into a negative reality.

Being optimistic or pessimistic is not necessarily about what is happening around us, but more about how WE view it. As leaders, our view can infect those around us and we can either spiral into a constant state of negativity, or we can find the potential in things and utilize this to positively move our team forward and find success. This week we discuss the important impact optimism has on ourselves and as leaders, those around us.

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