Worried About Being Well-Rounded?

Are you focusing on being well-rounded?

Does world class performance come from well-roundedness?

Do you think you have to be well-rounded in your talents?

Our society has focused on individuals being well-rounded ever since we were young. Although it’s important to expose yourself to many activities, content, and experiences to see what you are good out and what’s of interest to you, we may think well-rounded applies to all parts of our life. We need to focus on understanding our talents and they are not always well-rounded. We need to know what it takes for us to have world class performance. It’s important to understand what well-roundedness is and its applicability to your life. In this GET YOUR MIND ON, I discuss how to utilize your talent to better understand being well-rounded. I hope to challenge your approach of being everything to everyone and perform with mediocrity and instead ask you to consider focusing on what you do best for the best success for you!

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