Your Personal Brand... Your Imprint!

What do people think about when they hear your name?

Have you thought about your personal brand?

What's the imprint you want to leave on this world?

What are they key words that others use to describe you? Whether you realize it or not, everyday each one of us is continually developing our personal brand. Many people haven't considered the reality that "people are brands." With this reality in mind, what is the current state of your brand? Many people leave their brand image to happenstance. Others are very intentional about their personal brand building, taking into consideration how they communicate their values, relationships, attitudes, and purpose. Personal brand building can be intentional and focused, or it can ignored thereby risking that others will not accurately understand you.

Many people in life desire to leave a positive legacy behind, reflecting that impact they've had. It's our responsibility to build our own brand image.

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